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What you can do with AppstoreSpy collections

Everything you need to know about your competitors in one place

Use a single tool instead of multiple services to collect data about your competitors.
  • Add competitors to your Collection
  • Sort apps into sub-categories
  • Сreate auto-updating collections that automatically add apps that meet your parameters
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Analyze all apps in one tab

Get quick overviews on the apps you track on your Collection page:
  • View all key metrics in one table
  • See all icons and descriptions on one screen
  • Get full screenshots on hover

Find new insights in Public Collections

Browse app selections filtered by key indicators:
Apps by young developers with 5-200K revenue, Apps added in the last 24 hours, etc.

Study specialty apps by niche:

Blackhat Crypto, VPN apps, etc.
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Over 30 Reports in one click

Generate over 30 different types of Reports based on your Collection or selected Collection Apps.

Group apps by features

Group competitors into collections and keep an eye on changes in your selected groups

Data always stays up to date

You don`t need to update data in your Collections — we do it for you

View public Collections

Explore 500+ Public Collections and copy them to your Collections for tracking

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Search with 40+ parameters including daily installs, revenue estimates and reviews.

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Chrome Extension

Install AppstoreSpy Chrome Extension to automatically embed app data directly into Google Play Store.

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Niche Finder

Build and grow the next hot app by finding and tracking the right market niche for you.

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App Timeline

Track any apps and explore correlations between App changes and installs.

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Automate, customize mobile market data processing and use it to create new solutions.

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