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Come on everyone red area =)

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It has never been easier to get to know brand new people, so download RedZone now and make new friends anonymously by making random calls :)

▷ Sign up for the application, create your own account immediately and choose the best picture and press the call button :)

▷ Are you bored? Filter gender using red and catch only the calls you want!

▷ Don't you have Red? Get it from the store section now

▷ Click on your profile picture and go to your profile, handle your account transactions or change your profile picture :)

▷ We are ready to develop the application completely according to our users' experience, if you see a problem, you can always contact us via

▷ New opinion advice, criticism, in short, we need everything very much and we are ready to reward all our users who report them without insulting us. send your opinions and get free Red!

---- Don't forget to make a comment on PlayStore for us :) ---

▷ Protection of Personal Information
- RedZone maintains its users' personal information under a strict privacy policy and never sells, rents or shares it to third parties
- The only information shared with other users is the information you see on your profile
- Please be careful about sharing information, you are responsible for all the information you will share with others in the application.