Online Cencus is apllication to fill census online

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The features of this application are:
- feature contact us to fill out questions regarding the use of the application
- online census feature, we refer to the official website of the government of the Republic of Indonesia to carry out an online census at https://sensus.bps.go.id/login
- Tutorial feature, we refer to the website https://indonesia.go.id/layanan/kependangkalan/ekonomi/how-following-sensus-penduduk-online-2020

The Online Census application was made to facilitate the public in filling out the census online, so as not to browse in advance to find the address of the website to fill in the online census, as mentioned in the minister's circular circular no. 49/2020 on supporting the implementation of the 2020 population census.
We do not represent government entities in the online census application. so If you have questions regarding the use of the application please click the contact us tab.
Thank you