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LifeTime 100% Free Unlimited VPN Proxy For Android. No Registration Required.

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Garuda is a free VPN proxy which offers users a life time free account with no sign up or registration required. It is one of the fastest VPN Services available out there and we promise that we won't ever ask you to pay a single cent.

How To Use The Unlimited Life Time Free VPN

Step 1: Download The App
Step 2: Click the Connect Button
Step 3: There is no step 3, You're already connected!

Why Do You Need Garuda VPN

Well, there a lot of reasons why you should use Garuda VPN Proxy but we will try to list down a few for you

Unblock Any Website Or App
In a lot of different countries governments are trying to restrict the internet and we don't think that the internet should restricted in any way or manner. Using Garuda VPN, you can unblock any website or app such as facebook, youtube, instagram etc.

Anonymous IP
Your IP address is like your address in the physical world, so basically anything you do on the internet can be traced back to you using your original IP address. With Garuda VPN, your original IP is replaced with an anonymous IP so no one will be able to trace your digital activities back to you using your IP.

Stay Private, Stay Secure
Without a VPN, your internet connection is quite vulnerable to any third party intrusion or surveillance. Garuda VPN heavily encrypts your internet connection significantly reducing the chances of any surveillance or intrusion.

Zero Logs
We have designed our entire infrastructure to ensure that we are not storing any activity logs. This means that there is no way even for us to know what you do on the internet because we believe that what you do on the internet is your business.