Homeless Hobo Life: Tramp Survival Simulator Games

Let’s live the life of homeless hobo & survival escape from city threats.

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John, a homeless poor young man was sleeping in city street. Wakes up early and staring around in the street, energy level is down because of hunger. Now he has to find something to eat and full his energy level. Live the life of a homeless john, lost and lonely, with homeless hobo life: tramp survival simulator 3d game. It seems like playing island life survival simulator but it’s much tougher. Your home is city backstreet and your aims are to survive at all cost. Search for weapons for money heist and food stealing from shops.

Tramp City Police Escape & Fellows:
Fight for your life in the town with other tramps, search for food and money, build shelter and using a different cutter tool to playing this homeless life survival simulator. Real experience of life survival while robbing, escaping, stealing, hunting and city exploring all in one single game. Escape from city cops and hide from them is not easy task but robbing and steel will provide you food like orange, banana, bun and drinks. Hobo city life simulator game especially developed for those who are ready for extreme city life adventures.

Hobo City Retaliation:
Living in the city streets is not like enjoying holidays on the island, so use your survival talent to playing homeless hobo life: tramp survival simulator 3d game. Survive in severe conditions, face dangers will change your life and you will become super john. Watch your homeless character health indicators, if energy level drops there is no chance to survive. Special survival gears like knife or lighter would help you to stay alive. Provide security to innocent citizens from criminals will earn you rewarded money.

How to Play & City Life Survival Simulation:
Using all your survival skills will stay you alive, avoid fighting against shopkeepers and search the beverages and drinks that would help you to improve your energy level. Use touch joystick to control your hobo john character, walk around the city, dig through garbage, food, drinks, cutting blades and build shelters. Meet homeless dogs, cats and others tramps, search or dig through garbage to find food & metal fence to build shelters and try to succeed in such a severe city condition.

Homeless Hobo Life: Tramp Survival Simulator Games Features:

Search some tools & craft weapons to steal food and money robbery
Living peaceful life of john chose begging or robberies
Explore city streets, dig through garbage, use weapons and survival tools to stay alive
Sustain full health & energy to survive in the city
Use all your fighting skills and survival skills to stay alive