Health monitoring, and a one-stop solution to comprehensive health management.

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Clifit is a mobile healthcare monitoring app, designed for Patients / Users to monitor / manage/view/assess the health from anywhere and at anytime. This AI-enabled app helps you to draw medical insights by analyzing Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen saturation, Blood Glucose, Weight, Temperature etc.

Clifit specialises Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for cardiac abnormalities, diabetes, fever, obesity, Hyper / Hypotension with artificial intelligence. Our AI research and its application aims to solve global health challenges, to be a one-stop solution provider to comprehensive health management.

The mobile app connects you with your Doctor and Nurse / CareGiver providing the 24x7 health monitoring, alerts and other support you require.

Here is why you should install your Clifit for your health.

1. Measure at your convenience

No time to head out for a health check-up? With our app, you can check on your health anytime, anywhere.
2. View instant clinical report

With Artificial Intelligence as our backbone, your measurement is analyzed using algorithms to detect health abnormalities. View your clinical report in real time.
3. Generate insights from the history

Your past measurements will be computed within the app for time-based graph data modeling.
4. Assess risk and manage health

Many health problems remain silent before it becomes too late to be cured. With our app, we can detect early signs of disease using alerts and Borderline conditions.

Key Features

Connects multiple health monitoring devices

Measures your health parameters

View instant clinical report and summary

Generate health insights

View health history

Assess risk and manage health based on alerts and Borderline conditions

Chat with Doctor, Nurse on health issues

Keep track of your medical records

There are several ways to make use of Clifit: Healthcare providers are able to use our SaaS-based platforms to roll out their own branded Cardiac, Diabetic or Remote Patient Monitoring solution within minutes; home-care providers to enable caregivers to assist patient in health screenings, or public health care workers to provide screening for cardiac or health conditions in population.

About us

​Clifit is a product of Uvionics Tech which was founded in Singapore in 2014, now a global hub for AI. We now have over 5 years of continued research, with over 20,000 global patient readings, over 500 patients in our clinical trials across South and Southeast Asia, countless physician hours of input, and more than 40 dedicated AI specialists.

Clifit democratize diagnosis using AI focused on identifying and diagnosis of cardiac abnormalities like arrhythmias etc. cardio vascular variations using single lead ECG and PPG wearable devices.