Stack Block Crusher: Puzzle Game

Stack Block Crusher: Best Puzzle Game Of 2020

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March 14, 2020 Release date
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Stack Block Crusher is a 3d arcade game. You can smash, bump and bounce through revolving helix platforms to reach the end.
It's easy and funny to play. The rull is:
Your ball smashes like a brick through colorful platforms that block its descent, but if you hit a black one, than game over! Your ball shatters to pieces and you have to start your fall all over again.
But even black platforms are no match for a fireball falling at full speed! Choose your strategy: speed up like a madman or stop and wait for your next chance to roll and jump.

What Stack Block Crusher rules:
- Crazy fast speed
- Fun gameplay
- Bright vibrant graphics
- Simple and easy to play
- Great time killer

Download this funny game now and to be a crusher of stack blocks.