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Make collages, take photos and design creative handcrafts!

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Make collages with Baby Panda! You can design all kinds of creative collages: princess dresses made of flower petals, animals made of leaves; you can also use these collages to create your own story...You will love it!


Collage of cars
Clean the eggshells, color them and then break them. Watch carefully, put the eggshells in the right place and put together the car body, windows, and wheels! Next, let's decorate your collage. There are three decorations for you to choose from!

Design princess dresses
First go to the garden to pick roses and jasmines. Pluck petals and paste them on the hem of princess dress. The princess dress is ready! In addition to dress, you can also match flowers of different colors and design garland headwear for the princess! Look, the dress and the headwear you have designed are so pretty!

Collage of dinosaurs
Find the branches you need from the bushes. Pick off the leaves on the branches and pick up a brush to dust the leaves. Choose big leaves to serve as the body of the dinosaur and small ones as the back of the dinosaur. Collage of dinosaur is done! Perfect!

Finally, don't forget to take photos of your collages and share the creative design with your friends!

- Design 25 creative collages: animals, vehicles, princess dresses, sceneries, and more!
- 5 types of vehicles: Car, plane, train, ship, and excavator!
- 5 kinds of animals: Dinosaur, elephant, parrot, rooster, and elk!

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