Flying Car City 3D

Fly fast new flying cars around the big open city!

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Drive fast cars in the all-new fun, exciting, hi-tech flying cars in one of the best driving simulator games on the Play store. Get behind the steering wheel and drive fast sports cars down the busy city streets or take off from the ground and fly high in the sky like an airplane.

Unlock and upgrade your own collection of flying cars, design and create all sorts of unique looking flying cars that will look amazing flying across the city skyline. Find all the hidden gem collectibles scattered across the vast open world, using your flying car to get in all sorts of new and exciting areas to explore!

Brand new flying car simulation fun, see the incredible transforming car turn into an aircraft right before your eyes with the flick of a switch. Join in on the greatest flying car experience now! Try out the ultimate in driving and flying simulations with one of the best flying car games!


Are you ready to be drive completely unique vehicles? Transform from a top speed racing car into an incredibly fast aerobatic airplane in milliseconds. Take off to the sky, push the gas pedal down, activate flight mode, turn all boosters to the max and go on the ultimate flying experience. Watch on in amazement as your sports car transformer becomes the ultimate flying machine.

- Drive and fly incredibly rare flying cars at extreme speeds with jet boosters.
- Explore amazingly detailed city environment, drive through streets or fly between tall skyscrapers.
- Enjoy the best flying car simulator experience to be the world's best flying car pilot.

Perform crazy airplane stunts, fly and drive at top speeds, dodge city skyscrapers and other flying cars. Become the best pilot and driver as you become part of the ultimate driving experience to date.

- Realistic driving and flying, the ultimate experience for thrill-seekers!
- Fully customizable designs, new paint jobs, and decals!
- Incredible HD game graphics
- Fly around the city with other AI flying traffic
- Real-world vehicles and sports cars, modified for flying
- Massive open-world city world environment
- Realistic car driving and flying controls
- Dynamic HD camera angles
- Simulated airplane flight physics
- Free to play!!

Flying Car City 3D is made for all flight and driving simulation gamers. Get now to fully enjoy everything about both simulators has to offer. Take to the skies and fly until flying cars in one of the best flying car simulator games!#

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