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We let you create multiple micro-networks around the people and things you love. Keep up with friends, discover like-minded communities, explore the globe – the opportunities are endless. Simply start a channel around your different groups of friends, passions or favorite locations, and you’ll have everything that matters right at your fingertips.

Mylivn is inspired by people and made to fit your world so you can be your authentic self in everything you do.

✨ Create a channel and follow others to see their most recent posts and stories thanks to a chronological algorithm.

✨ Start or join public and private groups each with their own feed, story and map. Travel inspiration, fitness tips, inside jokes or embarrassing moments – any type of content you share can get a separate stage and audience.

✨ Collect channels the way you want by adding them into channel collections – they are like playlists of content where you see related posts and stories in an individual feed.

✨ Turn any of your favorite locations into location channels to follow their posts and stories just like you’re following people. (Coming soon)

✨ Explore local posts and stories on an interactive map. Leave your footprints on the map as you discover new places, and inspire others.

✨ Get inspired with daily post and story recommendations in your 4U channel. (Coming soon)

✨ Find popular content, channels and hashtags from the community in the Explore section.

✨ Edit posts and stories with fun stickers, filters and texts.

📣 Coming soon: Mylivn’s Publisher Program. Start growing your audience for a chance to monetize your channel. Stay tuned to learn more.

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