LED Flashlight

Super bright flashlight, mobile phone changed into flashlight!

Todd Sumrall Tools 3.2

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Super bright flashlight, mobile phone changed into flashlight.

Flashlight is a small assistant for outdoor travel and home life. One click to turn on the flashlight to illuminate


Features ·

1 flashlight lighting, one key on and off flashlight, vibration feedback, and display the phone remaining

Residual power, cell phone temperature

2 Super multi practical functions such as alarm light, SOS and Morse code

3. It supports mainstream models and adapts widely

4. Easy to use, no background, and very small memory occupation

5. Beautiful interface and high-grade atmosphere

6. Desktop widget widget support. Once placed on the desktop, the flashlight can be turned on and off

A good companion for traveling and camping, and a good assistant for life!

Any suggestions can be fed back to us in the software, and we will continue to upgrade our products

To provide you with a better experience!