Archery Talent

The most influential cross-platform 3D bow game in 2020

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March 14, 2020 Release date
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The most influential cross-platform 3D bow game in 2020

A hyper-realistic 3D archery game with this year's first independently developed engine

In the global cross-platform bow game environment, compete against players worldwide for the title of archery champion

Real-time 1v1 match, next-gen 3D picture, give you a hyper-realistic first-person bow game experience
A big-time 3D bow game, your first free leisure game choice.

Game Features:
--Have a real battle with real people all around the world in 1-on-1 matches to earn and collect bows!
--Unlock hundreds of shooting archery levels to be the best.
--Multiple archery shooting locations: City, Archery Field, Iceland etc.
--Improve your archery skills in single game mode.

what are you waiting for? Pick up your bows and claim the throne!

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