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Dream Dance Online - The rhythm social game that will give you the perfect gaming experience!

- Game Mode:
4-Key Mode: Touch, hold and slide to the rhythm with perfect beat timing;
Bubble Mode: Modern mode by tapping the bubble;
AU Mode: Traditional mode that is using arrows with a hit;
Taiko Mode: Simulate playing the drum in time by following the rhythm
*3 rhythm difficulty levels for every song

- Huge Song List:
A tremendous amount of music that has covered of K-POP, J-POP, C-Pop, International-Pop, and Hip Hop top trending songs! All in non-stop update!

- Meet Your True Love:
LBS-based online social system, which is a real-time communication system in-game that allow you to meet new friends or seeking for a loyal partner!
Various ways of interaction that you can express yourself and meet your true love. Your Mr./Ms. Right is already here waiting for you!

- Fashion Icon:
Thousands of avatars and accessories with different styles are lying in Item Mall waiting for you. You can change your look from traditional and classic to modern and stylish!
Just dress up as you like!

- High-quality Of Game Display:
MV-level dazzling dance movement with perfect audio quality. Just dance and listen to music, we'll blow up your mind!

- Elite Challenge
Taking your touch screen to its limits by using your speed-racing fingertips moves. We believe that one day you'll be the top of the finger speed master!

Official Website: ddo.cibmall.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamdanceonline/

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