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A well-known pharmacy located in Lahore has introduced a mobile application to provide the ultimate convenience to our valued customers.
Get a Quote from the App:
You can get price estimation for your prescription. In order to do this, you will have to upload the prescription or type the medicine you need.
Order the Medicine from App:
You can convert the prescription quote into order. Once your order is approved the rider will be at your door step with the medicines.
Reminder for Medicine:
You can add reminder for your medicine time and this application will alert you with alarm that it time to get your medicine.
Keep Record of your Health
You can track the record of Sugar level and Blood Pressure. Also, you can maintain the record of child vaccination.
How to Use:
Our App is very user friendly and easy to use. After installing the Application, you have to sign up to get started.
From the Dashboard you can:
• Get a Quote
• Upload Prescription
• My Orders
• Medicine Reminder
• Lab Samples
In order to get a Quote, Click Upload Prescription and from the given options wither upload the image or capture image from your mobile. Press Continue button at bottom of screen.
You will see another screen and you can select either Order medicine or Get Price Only with uploaded prescription. In both options you will have fill your address. After selecting the option click Send.
If you have selected Get Price Only your order will be moved to Quote. If you have selected Order medicine your request will be moved to My Orders.
For Lab Samples, Click Create Order button at the left bottom of screen. You will see a list of our provided lab tests with their estimated price. Select your lab test from the list and click on check out button to confirm this order. Now complete your shipping address and click on Send button to complete process. You will receive a notification once this is approved.
Furthermore you can create reminders for your medicines and record your BP and sugar levels in this App.