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Glaciwaker Entertainment Role Playing 3.3

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The sequel to the tap game, "Smith Story"! Finally in 3D!
Players still play the role of a blacksmith nobody knows. You not only continue to
go on the journey to find grandpa but also have to fight against Cult Mousey.

※Support Horizontal & Vertical Screen
You can play in both horizontal or vertical mode!

※Forge System
Just like the Forge System in "Smith Story", go for the most powerful weapons!

Become the most powerful blacksmith. Climb high!

Casually go fishing! Many lakes and rivers are waiting for players to challenge.

※New Towns & Adventures
A large map and all kinds of treasures & puzzles for you to solve one by one.

※Pet System
New Egg Hatching System & pet squire. Always have company in adventures!

※Main Story & Side Story
What conspiracy does Cult Mousey have exactly? Go find out!

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