Wish Local for Small Businesses

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What is Wish Local?

Wish Local makes up a series of programs that allow small businesses to partner with Wish. Once approved small businesses are allowed to sell their inventory to our over 500 million customers, earn additional revenue by serving as Wish pickup spots, and participate in wholesale initiatives.

What are the offerings?

Sell on Wish
List your inventory on Wish and gain access to new nearby customers. You keep 100% of sales. There are no hidden fees.

Wish Pickup
Build your foot traffic! Serve as an in-store or curbside pickup location for Wish online orders and attract new customers into your small business.

Local Delivery
Earn additional commissions for delivering Wish orders to nearby customers within a radius of your choosing. List your inventory on Wish, and you’ll be able to sell to new customers through Local Delivery.

Wish Wholesale
Purchase our best-selling items at wholesale prices. With over 500 million shoppers, Wish has valuable insight on today's sales trends, and on Wish Wholesale, we offer our hottest products in bulk.

Learn more about the program by visiting our website. Once you have applied and are approved for the program, download this app to get started!

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