Status Saver, Download App

It is a video downloader and status saver app for all social media apps.

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Status Saver, Download App

This Status Downloader App is basically Video Status Saver, Downloader in which you can download all video from any social media links. And this Video Status Saver, Downloader is very easy to use.
This Status Saver, Download App has the functionality of HD images and videos saver download pictures and share on spot. Repost your very new status downloader and save photos directly into your mobile. Check the posts and photos and also animated clips and you can have this free status downloader for all social media. Story saver apps love images and picture stories. Take photos & Videos and you don’t need to ask your friend or relatives for this to send.
A Video Status Saver, Downloader App auto-detect videos on the internet and you could download them with just one click. This all video downloader supports all social media platforms and all formats.

If you are looking for a reliable Video Status Downloader App to download & save videos and photos from WA statuses - Here is a free status downloader for All social media. This application lets you download photo images, GIF, and videos of the new status feature and it also allows you to share media and repost status from the app to your friend.

In this application you can save, download any images, videos and post it anywhere that you love. Now it's easy to save status videos of any friends that you love the most. No need to ask him/her to send it to you. You can save from the net.

Key Features of Status Saver, Download App

Built in Image Viewer & Video Player
Automatically detects the links from web browser
Easy & Fast Saving
Easy Navigation!
Image status downloader
Download videos in the background
Video status downloader
status share
video status share
Simple design, and super lightweight video downloader
It is a Story Saver app for Facebook
This app has Inbuilt Video Player
Video status Saver Without Watermark for MxTakaTak
Download Instagram Private Account’s Videos and Images
Instagram Videos and Images Saver Using Share or Copy link
Status saver for insta
Share all Saved Videos and Images
Firebase Push Notification for all users

In this app now you can download status easily with the free status downloader. With the status download app, you can save your most favourite videos from your contacts without letting them know. All status saver is completely free and very easy to download status with its amazing feature of it showing photo and video status in it. Save status and download videos with status download and watch them offline. This new status saver is safe, super-fast and 100% free.

This Status Saver, Download App Function is your friends or family Member status saved in Your SD card.see your Friends Image Status and repost their status. You Like Your Friends Video Status then Use Our status downloader.


This Status Saver, Download App is not affiliated nor endorsed or sponsored by any social media. Reload images or video stories without owner approval are not encouraged.
We respect the copyright of the owners. So please DO NOT download or repost the videos, photos, & media clips without owners’ permission. Our app is not responsible for any kind of re-usage of any media status downloaded by the user.Any unauthorised download or upload/reload of content is the sole responsibility of the user. Any violation of intellectual property rights is also the user's sole responsibility. We are not responsible for any kind of reuse of downloaded media by users in any way.

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