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  • Simple Usage

  • Story Saver for Instagram & Video Downloader is known for its effortless yet fun usage. You have to install the application on your phone first and then download whatever you love from Instagram.

    Once you start using this app, you will realize how simple it is to download the videos and photos on your mobile phone and use it however you want. This app should only be used when the need is downloading-related.

  • Memory Saving

  • How ‘save memories’ works is straightforward. However, the biggest and the most notable feature is that you can save memories you created a while ago.

    Different kinds of people want to save their stories to the platform itself and others to their mobile devices, and this tool will make it possible.

    You can create a small folder where you can keep all your videos and images downloaded from Instagram. It will be hard to keep all pictures and videos from stories, and that’s where the app comes into play and lets you download it.

  • Direct Download Option

  • You must have often noticed that your media gets saved on the platform whenever you try to download anything on Facebook or YouTube. But Story Saver for Instagram & Video Downloader enables you to download all media directly to your mobile device.

    It doesn’t matter which particular file you want to download on Instagram; with the help of the direct download option on Story Saver for Instagram & Video Downloader, you can do all the downloading on the go.