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A straightforward software for downloading video and music from the internet.

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Video Downloader & Video Saver

Download films and music from the Internet directly to your smartphone. All file types are supported. 100% gratis!

Do you want to not only download videos and photographs from social media but also simply manage all of the downloaded data within the video downloader app? What about sharing the downloaded movies and articles with your friends directly? It's never too much to ask for everything! Because you only need this gratis Video Downloader & Video Saver software. One video downloader serves all purposes!

With our built-in browser and multi-functional player, our movie downloader and video saver tool eliminate the gap between "Download" and "Enjoy." With this simple and completely gratis video downloading a program and video companion, you can choose the video playing mode, alter the video playback speed, and even extract audio from the movie with only one tap.

== Main Feature ==
- download speed
- SD Card support
- Built-in web browser
- Add bookmarks for your favorite websites
- Download videos in the background
- All formats supported mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, MOV, Avi, WMV, doc, Xls, pdf, txt, etc.

App to download videos for gratis:
Video Downloader & Video Saver is a completely gratis video downloader. If you want to download videos, media clips, social clips, or Vimeo videos, you should use a video download program. You should definitely give this gratis Video Downloader & Video Saver software a go. You may store movies to watch them later or share them with other media applications.

Privacy Setting
- Protect your data by leaving no trace, using cookies, cache, and so on.
- Set a password to protect downloaded videos.

Simple to Use
- Download videos from a variety of websites.
- Change between mobile and desktop viewing modes.
- Switch between numerous tabs with ease.
- Make a dark mode available.

Bookmarks and History
- Make bookmarks for websites you often visit.
- In the history list, you can easily discover what you've visited.

HD Video Downloader
- Video downloader gratis & HD has come, and it's better than ever! gratis Video Downloader & Video Saver allows you to download all videos in high quality for gratis!

Manager for Video Downloads
- If you're seeking a robust video downloading manager, try this one; you won't be disappointed!

Disclaimer: -
The ownership, intellectual property rights, and any other interests in the platform's Video, Photo, Story, Reels Video, or Highlight belong to the platform's publishers or owners. Before downloading and using the content, you need to get permission and credit the source.