Unseen: Hide last seen

Hide last seen, read without seen check marks, recover deleted messages.

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About "Unseen: Hide last seen"

Is your friend texting you? Now you can read all messages without leaving any seen marks or blue seen checkmarks.
Are you always read received messages from notification bar, but miss old messages, or you can't read long messages?

Now with this app you can read all messages from all social media apps like a ghost. Your friends can't find out the message is being read, or find out you are online!
You can hide your last seen and stay offline but still read the messages.
You can even recover deleted messages in this app and see them.
With this app you can read messages, see statuses, photos and videos and listen to all incoming voices. All these features without any notice or leaving "last seen" or "blue seen check marks".
You don't even need to open messenger apps. how? this app read all messages from notification and save them for you. Even if your friend deletes the message, you still have it in this app.

Features of "Unseen: Hide last seen & Read deleted messages"

+ Read all messages from all social media and messaging apps without leaving "seen marks".
+ Hide your "last seen", you don't need to become online.
+ See all statuses (Stories).
+ See all Received pictures and videos.
+ Listen to all incoming voices.
+ This app saves all messages for you, even if your contact deletes them, this app recovers deleted messages and you still have it.
+ This app Saves all profile pictures.
+ You can search for any contact or message you want.
+ You can delete old messages automatically for memory saving.


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