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How does the NBA Top Shot work?

The United States professional basketball league, the NBA , decides which moments or clips it considers iconic in this sport. Then the Dapper Labs company lists them with a numbering and determines how many of them will be placed for sale or auction .

Subsequently, several of these moments are stored in digital envelopes or collectible cards that will be put on sale on the same platform . The prices of these extras will depend on their content.

The more rare or iconic moments a digital envelope has, the more value it will have . The price also varies depending on the number of clips you own and what kind of players appear in the videos.

Once someone buys one of these digital files, will be registered in the electronic database of the platform as the owner of them . Whoever has acquired them could either leave them for their collection or place them later for sale.

The price of each moment or clips that the digital envelope contains can be auctioned and its value will depend on whether it is a limited edition rarity that will never be published again or if, on the contrary, it is a play that it may possibly appear repeated.

The platform continues to be renewed every day and placing more digital envelopes for sale. If someone wants to own a special moment that is published, they must be very aware of the news that is published in the NBA Top Shot .