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Easy-to-use QR code and barcode reader, It’s your must-have QR & barcode scanner

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  • It will support all barcode and QR formats.

  • It has an auto zoom and will save all your scan history to date.

  • Barcodes can be scanned from your gallery.

  • In a dark environment, you can even use a flashlight.

  • Your privacy is intact, and no Internet connection is required.

  • You can scan your coupon and promotion codes on the go.

  • Way To Use It

    The usage is simple. You will have to point the camera towards the QR code. Wait until it has been auto recognized, scanned, and decoded. Then, you will see the results for yourself.

    After your scanning is done, you will be provided with relevant options with the help of which you will be able to search products online and visit websites.

    Which All Formats QR Scanner App Supports?
    QR Scanner App pretty much supports all QR and barcode formats such as maxi code, code 39, Codabar, data matrix, QR code, and so on.


    Auto-Zoom Feature
    While using it, you will know you don’t have to zoom in or zoom out. The moment the camera captures the barcode, even from far away, it will immediately scan without having to adjust the camera at all.

    Privacy Safe
    Your privacy is 100 percent safe; the only thing required is your camera permission.

    Price Scanner
    It can instantly scan promotions and coupons so you can get discounts. You can even scan product barcodes and make a comparison of prices online.

    QR Scanner App works as a QR code reader and scanner. It’s the best scanner you will ever find to scan your QR codes.

    It works as a great Aadhar card scanner as well. It’s a quick, lightweight, and safe Aadhar card scanner that allows you to scan on the go; you just have to download the app.

    Barcode Reader
    It doesn’t matter what size of barcode you want to scan, it can scan any size, and when you auto-zoom to scan, you can get results in no time possible.

    QR Scanner App is 100% safe, and what it needs is just your camera permission to get going. You can trust this app with all your information; once you download it, you will be part of a highly smooth scanning process you haven’t experienced ever.