Messenger Plus: Chat & Message

Messenger Lite for Social Media is the all-in-one social application.

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  • All-In-One Social Media App

  • Browse feeds from your favorite social media app with Messenger for social media. Text your friends, check trending news, and check the live gaming score with this app.

  • Random Chat

  • Messenger Lite, the Messenger for social media app, lets you connect with strangers from all over the world. It gives you 100% privacy with an encrypted message service so that no one will be intruding in your personal chats.  

    It gives a seamless messaging experience like Messenger for Facebook & Messenger for Instagram

  • All-In-One Messenger Launcher

  • With this Messenger Lite, you can message from Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Twitter with ease. Launch it on any social media site & connect with your friends. Make this your one messaging destination, & it is a merger of Messenger for Instagram and Messenger for Facebook.

  • View All Social Media In One App

  • Running out of space is the most common problem in android & iOS phones. This app can save storage space. In addition, you can view all social media sites in one place. Check Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more with this Messenger Lite.

    Use this as Messenger for Instagram & Messenger for Facebook, and this saves extra storage space that other heavy social media messaging app takes.

  • Check Your Zodiac Horoscope

  • You get daily feeds of astrology with this app. Check what your zodiac sign says and take a peep into your future. Astrology feeds include how your day will be, your relationship with your partner, and career advice from expert astrology gurus.

  • All News

  • With Messenger Lite, you don't have to install more apps for trending news. The Messenger Lite updates you with trending news and data from all over the world. Get updated with weather reports, TV, sports, and trending news feeds from top newspapers and websites.

  • Watch Live Cricket Scores

  • Messenger Lite gives an update on the latest cricket score. Get live commentary and trending news about cricket. Be updated with information about the coming events and enjoy fun cricket information with this app.

  • Games

  • Messenger Lite offers more than 50+ games, so you never feel bored. In addition, it comes with a range of games to pick from. It includes all types of games, including message options while playing.

  • Chat Mask

  • Display chat over other apps. You can chat while working on other apps in the background. With Messenger for social media app, you can enjoy texting and work with the ease of multi-tasking.

  • A Shopping Website In One Place

  • Shop from your favorite shopping sites like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, and many others without separately downloading these apps.