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Live Wallpaper & HD Background

Beautiful backgrounds and powerful features will help you make the most of your display. Choose from your own photographs, images from Google Earth, gorgeous landscapes from Google+, and more. Change it as much as you wish so that your phone constantly reflects your personality.

Application Characteristics

Trending & Popular
- View the most recently posted Wallpapers on a daily basis.

Live Background
- Transform your life with the greatest Experience.

- A wallpaper app with over 30 different categories.

Double Wallpaper
- Customize your phone's lock and unlock screens with unique images.

Wallpaper Changer
- This function automatically changes the Mobile Desktop Background. The user can also alter the time interval.

4K Wallpapers & Live Wallpapers: -
-The app provides a big variety of Live Backgrounds and AMOLED Live Wallpapers organized into many Categories. The app also includes static 4K and Full HD backgrounds that may be utilized in the Auto Wallpaper Changer. The app also includes AMOLED wallpapers.

Auto Wallpaper Changer:
-There are two sorts of Wallpaper Changers:
1)Auto Live Wallpaper Changer, which is used to change Live Wallpapers after a set length of time or action, and
2)Static Wallpaper Changer, which is used to change Static Wallpaper after a set amount of time or action.
- The app includes a plethora of handcrafted live backgrounds organized into several categories. Both Wallpaper Changers make advantage of the Android OS's built-in LiveWallpaper Service.

Animation for Mobile Charging:
- Adding appealing animations to your charging screen. Create a One-of-a-Kind Theme with Battery Charging Animation.

Set & Share As:
- With a single click, you can quickly share everyday wallpapers with everyone. With a single click, you can also add wallpapers to your desktop.

- Save the wallpaper as a favorite to view later.

== Backgrounds in Real Time ==
- Advantages
Our developers anticipate that customers will have a positive smartphone experience. They created this program while keeping the most demanding consumers' preferences in mind.
Accessibility is important.
A diverse spectrum of topics.
Concentrate on interaction.
Excellent design.
Options have been improved.
Reliability is important.


All of the wallpapers in this app are licensed under a creative commons license, and all credit goes to their individual owners. These photographs are not supported by any of the possible owners, and they are just decorative. There is no intention of infringement, and any request to delete one of the images/logos/names will be respected.