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Fast Execution Investing

The Exness Liquidity investing app connects to the nearest secure server, giving fast and direct access to market prices. You can invest with a single tap and we’ll execute your order in milliseconds.

Real-Time Monitoring

This investing app is light on battery consumption and works well on both data and Wi-Fi connections, so you can stay active throughout the day and invest in seconds. Your investment status is up to date every second with a handy profit window that shows performance in real-time.

Trading Signals and Calendar

Keep track of important news releases and market-shifting events with the in-app Economic Calendar. You'll also receive trading signals direct to your mobile so you won't be left out when new market opportunities arise.

Instant Fund Transfers

Smart investors appreciate the ability to invest without delay, but they also like to access their funds without delays too. Unique to Exness, this investing app allows you to take advantage of our proprietary algorithms which process deposits and withdrawals automatically, so you can move your money instantly.

Invest with Advanced Features

Our online investing app is simple to navigate, but also powerful with advanced features ideal for investors who use technical analysis to confirm investment decisions.

• Choose from over 100 indicators when performing technical analysis including Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, and multiple variants of Moving Averages
• Customizable leverage settings so you can invest with balanced risk/reward ratios on stable and volatile assets
• Use TP and SL features to take profit and stop loss automatically
• Check the Economic Calendar and receive trading signals to stay informed

Invest with Exness Reliability

The Exness Liquidity investing app provides secure access to Exness financial services. Exness is a multi-asset international broker offering financial services to hundreds of thousands of investors around the world.

• 7 regulatory licences
• 13+ years of excellence with multiple awards
• 64 strategically placed secure servers
• 170+ countries served
• 1300 professionals dedicated to providing groundbreaking technology and better-than-market conditions
• $20 trillion in global investments every year

Register for a secure account directly on the Exness Liquidity investing app. Choose your preferred withdraw method and verify your account. Get access to hundreds of opportunities today and invest with confidence.