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Word Office is a useful office application that helps you read document files downloaded from the internet or document files available on your device quickly.
The application supports several types of documents such as: docx/doc, word,... . You can browse all your Doc/Docx files in a single place.
The application will be very useful for those who simply want to view documents without any heavy features to edit.
This is a dedicated office application that allows users to manage their documents, support reading document files, opening word files, viewing docx,... .
Its quick file opening process and interactive layout make this app enjoyable.

Main features of Word Office - Docx reader - Files reader:
★ You can easily read and view available document files stored on your phone, downloaded files, or those sent as email attachments.
★ Help users to quickly search documents by specific name, display in landscape or portrait for mobile, enable Zoom in and Zoom out for perfect view and screenshot any page you want .
★ The app lists all the Word files in your device in a single place so you can easily scroll through it.
★ Directly open files and easily rename, delete and share documents.
★ This is a lightweight application. After installing the application, the features you use do not require internet access at all. It works anywhere, anytime.

Other Features of Files reader - Office reader - Document reader :
★ Check the details of the Doc/Docx file.
★ Sort: By name, date and size
★ Simple interface, lightweight application.
★ Refresh the list.
★ Quick page navigation.

Our team is always working hard to perfect and develop the features of the Word Office application to make the Docx reader better and more useful for you.
Word Office is still in development, if you have any feedback please contact us via support email:
Your opinion is the motivation to help us improve the application better in the future. Thank you❤