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  • Smart Video Player and Downloader

  • This speed browser downloader will detect videos for you to be downloaded with just a click from any website. So if you want to enjoy the best watching experience, this optimized, fast browser video player will ensure that for you.

  • Fast Downloads and Browsing

  • You can download multiple files on this browser video player, including audio, browser video, and documents, on this fast browser downloader. Moreover, you can access websites and even download online browser videos from them easily. These sites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etcetera.

    You can effortlessly use this browser video player to watch your favorite videos over and over again.

  • Data Saver

  • The fast browser downloader saves a lot of your data; it streams movies, downloads files, and does all that in way less data on any website.

  • Supports All Video Formats from Various Websites

  • The fast browser downloader supports downloads in all formats and from different websites. So, you no longer need to worry about downloading other speed browser downloaders for blocked websites or formats. The browser video player also comes in handy in this aspect.

    The browser video player can handle almost whatever videos you throw at it, be it compressed file formats, movies, or even 8K resolution clips.

  • Bright & Dark Mode

  • The fast browser downloader has one other feature that surely needs a highlight. The Bright and Dark modes, you can switch the bright and dark modes any time of the day or even set automatic timings for them, like a soothing dark mode for the night and bright for the day.

  • Super Downloader

  • This fast browser downloader can detect downloadable browser videos on its own if there on a particular website. Therefore, you can save and download browser videos from almost all websites and play them on this browser video player. There's a download icon on the website, and the user is informed whether the videos can be downloaded or not. The browser videos are easily downloadable with the help of the smart download function.

  • Bookmarks

  • You can save your favorite websites and do quick navigation so you can revisit them later on this fast browser downloader. The history list has helped with keeping track of past events. This feature will save all your time looking for your most preferred websites.

  • Shortcut

  • It's a simple feature of the fast browser downloader that will allow you to add your favorite websites and platforms to shortcuts such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Amazon for quick access.

  • Multi-Tab Manager

  • You can easily switch pages from multiple websites. It will make your browsing experience smoother than you can imagine. It includes no image mode, bright mode, and switch to PC mode.