Broken Screen 4K Funny Pranks

Enjoy the funniest broken screens and sounds simulator pranks to troll everyone

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😍😍😍FREE Funny Broken Screen Pranks wallpaper HD 4K cracked screen wallpapers! Install your fake Funny Broken Screen Pranks App that seems very real if you love pulling pranks on your friends or family. Choose your favorite android phone damaged screen, cracked mirror screen, or shattered screen theme.😍😍😍

⚙️Easy to Use

- Install and open Funny Broken Screen Prank and choose which prank you would like to play

📱 Additional Features

- You can also select our funniest prank sounds to prank your friends and beloved ones

🔨 Be noted:

Funny Broken Screen Pranks is a prank/simulated app used for fun, it simulates the broken screen and prank sounds effect to play with your friends. It will not harm your phone.