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Document Manager is an application that manages documents downloaded from the internet and see all files into a view folder structure. You can view all your documents like docx, ppt, xls and pdf, read and share all these document file types easily and quickly. The application will be very useful for those who simply want to view documents without any heavy features to edit. It is a simple, fast and lightweight application that allows users to manage their documents. Its quick file opening process and interactive layout make this app enjoyable.

- You can easily read and view available document files stored on your phone, downloaded files, or those sent as email attachments.
- Supports multiple document formats: docx, pptx, xls, Text and PDF.
- Quickly search documents by specific name.
- Easily jump to recently opened files.
- Allows you to Zoom in and Zoom out for a perfect view
- Allow to take screenshot of any page you want.
- Add important document files to favorites.
- Directly open files and easily share documents.
- This is a lightweight application. After installing the application, the features you use do not require internet access at all. It works anywhere, anytime.

Main Features of Document Management
- Allows you to manage and organize all document files in folder structure view.
- All document files are available in a single place, making it easy to search and manage work files on your phone.
- Document Reader for Android makes it easy to view doc, xls, pptx, Text, txt and PDF files.
PDF Reader - PDF Viewer
- With PDF Reader, you can quickly open and easily view any PDF file with just one tap and done.
- Automatically forward to the next page.
- Fast and stable performance.
- Easily share and send PDF files.
Doc Reader - Docx Viewer
- Docx Reader or docx viewer is the best and fast way to read docx documents on your mobile phone.
- Read any Doc/Docx file with simple reading screen.
- Doc/Docx file reader represents all formats of documents in the best way.
Xls Reader - Xlsx Viewer
- You can view and read your xls file, manage charts, analyze data quickly and easily.
- View xls sheet on your mobile with xlsx reader for android with just one tap.
- View xls, xlsx, txt files with high quality view.
PPT File Reader - PPT File Viewer
- Open pptx on your Android device and view presentations on slides easily with just one touch.
- Supports PPT files with high resolution and fast performance.
Supported formats
- All PDF files, PDF Reader, PDF Viewer
- Docx documents: DOC, DOCX, DOCS
- Xls documents: XLS, XLSX, CSV
- Slide documents: PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX
- Other documents files and readers: TXT, ODT, ZIP

Our team is always trying our best to improve and develop the features of the Document Manager application to make it better and more useful for you. Document Manager - docs reader is still in development, if you have any feedback please contact us via support email: Your opinion is the motivation to help us improve the application better in the future. Thank you ❤