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Market Explorer

Quickly find Apps and Developers with 30+ parameters, including daily installs, revenue estimates, chart ranks by countries, ratings, updates, and reviews.
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Save your top niches, apps, and developers into Collections and get the latest metrics delivered straight to your dashboard.
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Niche finder

Search and analyze niches using keywords just a few clicks and find your next big opportunity.
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Chrome Extension

No more clicks to app pages - Get the app information in Play Store: revenue estimates, installs and release dates etc.
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API Integration

Change how you gather Android and iOS app metadata using our API suites — get insights automatically and exactly where you need them with custom API keys.
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More that just reports

You can create intuitive reports, but our library holds so much more:

  • Top apps by country and category
  • Tracking tool for new apps
  • Reviews on competitors
  • Daily updated app lists
  • App ranking history
  • And other features
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